About Wellness Coaching

This is who I am and what I currently offer:

David Whiting, Bachelor of Naturopathy (New Zealand), Diploma of Nutrition (NZ), Diploma of Herbal Medicine (NZ)
David has studied natural health, both informally and formally, for over 30 years. While he is not licensed to David Whiting, Bachelor of Naturopathy (New Zealand), Diploma of Nutrition (NZ), Diploma of Herbal Medicine (NZ)practice as a naturopath or nutritionist in the USA, he did graduate renowned Wellpark College of Natural Therapies in New Zealand with a Bachelor of Naturopathy, Diploma of Nutrition, Diploma of Herbal Medicine in 2012. He has a special interest in the raw/vegan/organic way of life and wholefood supplementation, and is passionate about the difference lifestyle changes can make to individuals and families. In 2013 David was a co-speaker on a 4 months national tour with Dave Conrardy, a.k.a The Raw Food Trucker, covering the many health benefits of a raw vegan organic diet in over 90 cities.

What to Expect

Before the Initial Wellness Coaching Session
You will be emailed a link to your Personal Wellness Evaluation Form as well as a Coaching Agreement/Informed Consent/Disclaimer of Liability Form to fill in and submit prior to your initial coaching session. This ensures your session is used to greatest effect and provides you with the best value. The coaching sessions typically take place via Skype, but may be done via phone on request.

Initial Wellness Coaching Session
During the session, we go through your Personal Wellness Evaluation Form and determine your wellness needs and goals together. We’ll then build a personalized Wellness Plan, including general nutrition-related information and elected lifestyle changes. Depending on the severity of lifestyle changes desired, we’ll break down the overall goal into more achievable smaller steps.

1 1/2 hours $100 (full payment prior to session)

Follow-Up Session
A first follow up appointment is typically scheduled  1 week after the initial coaching session and generally takes around 45 minutes. Follow-ups allow us to monitor your progress with the Wellness Plan, provide further support if needed and identify any necessary change.

30 minutes  |  $50                   45 minutes  |  $70                   1 hour | $80
(full payment prior to session)

If you’re interested, email me at david@wildandaliveorganics.com or give me a call at (207) 593 2735.