About our chocolates

a bowl full of raw vegan organic chocolate bars by Wild and Alive.

Wild and Alive chocolates are handmade in small batches and are certified organic. The ingredients are not only recognizable, but healthful too! Unroasted (aka raw) cacao, evaporated coconut blossom nectar, and a smidgen of sea salt are stone-ground into silky smooth dark chocolate and then combined with 6 sumptuously rich fillings. Our cashews, almonds, hazelnuts and walnuts are activated through soaking and drying, before being processed with love, care and heavy duty equipment into extra nutritious fillings that are also fiendishly delectable.

This is the most delicious chocolate we have tasted and are proud to now be able to offer them to you in 2 distinct sizes (large 60g/2oz bar, medium 39g/1.4oz bar ) and 6 scrumptious flavors: Mint the Mermaid, Oranges Poranges, Wally Van Coco, Almond Buddah, Choxy Hazelton & GinCinergy. We also make solid chocolate bars in a petite 0.85oz size.