Or at least, they delight me. I wish I got around to sprouting and dehydrating buckwheat so regularly, that I always had a big jar of these on hand. As it is, I make them a lot but we DO run out.

I like grinding them into a flour to make pizza dough, pancakes or buckwheat thins for brassica stacks, and I can’t wait to tweak this recipe for raw cinnamon rolls (did you see the picture for these babies?? whoa! I’m going to soak some buckwheat RIGHT NOW). Mia’s favourite way of eating buckies is as a ‘muesli’ with fruit, raisins, cinnamon and almond milk. I have ambitions of making gRAWnola using buckies, but they’re always gone before I get around to it. And a wonderful friend has invented a magical chocolate slice with buckwheat crunchies that is almost too good to be shared (but she DOES because that’s how cool she is). The gist is: buckwheat is versatile and yummy!

Another endearing trait of buckwheat is, that it is a lot less costly than most other nuts and seeds (buckwheat is not actually a grain but a fruit seed from the same family as rhubarb and sorrel). For example, at our local health food store almonds are around NZ$30/kg whereas buckwheat is only around NZ$5/kg.

Buckwheat is a great source of manganese and also contains plenty of  copper, magnesium, and dietary fiber. It also provides two flavonoids (quercitin and rutin) with significant health benefits, and high quality protein, including lysine.

Buckwheat also happens to be low in fat, which accounts for only 8% of the the total calories, and is slightly alkali-producing.

To sprout the buckwheat, soak the groats for 20-60 mins, then rinse very thoroughly and drain.  The Sprout People recommend you continue rinsing and draining every 4-6 hours for 12-18 hours. I don’t do it that often, but the sprouts still turn out fine. The groats grow a tail within 24 hours and can then be dehydrated. Once they’re dry, I store them in a glass container with lid in the fridge (where they don’t last very long because we quickly eat them up).

What’s your favourite buckwheat recipe??