We’ve been asked a number of times if our children share our raw veganic lifestyle. The question baffled us at first because the answer seems so obvious to us: of course, they do! Don’t most families share a common diet?? If anything, parents are more anxious to get healthy foods into their kids than themselves.

Clearly, the people asking this question are looking at our diet from a completely different point of view. Maybe they think of it as a fad, a ‘diet’ we’re on to loose weight or because it’s the hip thing to do. Instead, we’re eating a raw veganic diet because we believe it to be the healthiest diet on the planet! This belief is substantiated by many books, research articles and other literature we’ve read on the topic (and even by literature NOT on the topic), by observing the animal kingdom, and by personal experience.

As far as we’re aware, heating food doesn’t add anything to it but harmful substances such as acrylamides, furans, heterocylic aromatic hydrocarbons, and polycylic amines. Not only that, but it destroys many of the original nutrients, often turning them into harmful compounds. So why should we go out of our way to feed our kids what we consider to be denatured and damaged goods?? Sure, certain foods (e.g. legumes) are rendered more digestible through cooking, but it has been pointed out that those foods might not be meant for consumption in the first place.

Another reason to ask if our kids eat raw veganic, might be the idea that they’d somehow ‘miss out’ by not eating conventional lollies and ‘comfort foods’, or feel left out. We really don’t think so, and thus far our experience has been bearing us out. Judith has made heaps of raw treats over the years which have been enjoyed immensely by our own kids (well, mostly by Mia, because Jamie isn’t having much beyond breast milk) as well as friends’. And looking at the relish with which Mia eats things like plain raw fennel greens, kale, avocados and plums, even fancy raw recipes seem almost superfluous.

Yes, it would be lovely if the fruit meal at our playgroup was organic so that we wouldn’t have to make up our own plate or if we had a few more raw veganic kids in our community, but it’s not a big deal. There are more and more kids that have ‘special diets’ due to food intolerances etc, so we’re usually not the only ‘freaks’ ;-). We’re also blessed with supportive friends and family, that may even prepare a special dish for us when they invite us over. And if not, we’re used to bringing our own food plus some extra for others to try. We often had to do this when we were eating cooked vegan food, and it’s really not an issue for us.

One day, our children might want to explore other food choices and that’s okay. We have great respect for these little beings, and we feel confident that they will ultimately do what is right for them.