Vegans are often asked where they get their calcium. The idea is, that by ‘missing out’ on dairy we’ll be more prone to bone loss and osteoporosis. The following two snippets show that the shoe might in fact be on the other foot. Raw vegan sources of calcium with a good calcium to phosphorus ratio include leafy greens, broccoli, kelp, sesame seeds and green beans.

  • Cows milk has about 6.5 times more phosphorus than human milk. Calcium binds with phosphorus in the blood to form calcium phosphate. This excess phosphorus is known to decrease intestinal absorption of calcium. Calcium intake is only effective in protecting against bone loss when the calcium to phosphorus ratio is high. When phosphorus is too high, as in cow’s milk, bone loss will occur regardless of the calcium to phosphorus ratio. Therefore, due to the critically high phosphorus level in dairy products, the ensuing high blood phosphate levels will disturb calcium metabolism and cause bone loss. This supports the assertion that to successfully treat osteoporosis or other calcium metabolic disorders, it is only possible with low phosphate foods. Research has also confirmed that excessive phosphate intake can lead to accelerated aging.

  • Bovine milk is considered a high protein food and nutrient rich to grow a calf to a significant size in a short amount of time. Research has shown that excess protein intake in humans will increase calcium excretion from the body. The high sulfur amino acid profile in dairy increases the overall acid load within the body, which in turn contributes significantly to the cause of bone loss.